Zak And Zeek – Cartoon Series

Published by Tarek Ziane September 9, 2015

Zak And Zeek is a fun and didactic family content, featuring Zak, a curious, friendly and endearing little boy, and his friend Zeek, a mischievous and very funny little cat. A perfect recipe for a great entertainment for both children and parents.

Zak is an intelligent, curious, mischie- vous and cute little boy. He loves discov- ering things by himself and learning from his mistakes.

Zak is not mature enough to know what he will do when he grows up, one day he wants to be a super hero, another, he wants to be a fireman, football player, an astronaut … Every day is a new adventure for him.

Zeek is Zak’s best friend, he is the other second lead character. A mischievous and often hilarious little cat.


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February, 2015


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